Finesse Travel Covid-19 Update

Finesse Travel Covid-19 Update

 Finesse Travel Covid-19  Latest Policy/Guidelines   (Update  13.5.21)

Following the latest announcement from the government about the new traffic light system, we're carefully considering what this means for our holidays.. As vaccination programmes continue, we look forward to further positive news about where we can fly to in the coming weeks.

Between now and then, there’s no need to take any action – and we’d recommend that you don’t start arranging things like Covid-19 tests until close to your time of travel, as travel requirements both here and abroad can change.

The traffic light system proposed by the Government identifies different requirements when travelling from England and back from Green, Amber and Red countries – to read the full guidance, please follow this link:

An important thing to note is that these lists have been created by our Government and that many countries have their own rules about who can enter their territory, rules that are not related to which colour country list that country is on. Therefore, you might find that despite being on the Green list, a country might not allow foreign travellers.

We'd like to reassure you that you’re protected by our Holiday Promise, which means...

Your holiday won’t go ahead and you’ll be able to change your booking to another date without an admin fee or receive a full refund: 

 If government advice changes and it becomes illegal to travel abroad  
 If the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advises against non-essential travel abroad  
 If the government for the destination you’re travelling to decides to enforce quarantine on arrival and there
   isn’t the option to forgo this quarantine period by providing evidence of a negative COVID-19 test
• If you have a booking to any destination on the red list, which requires you to quarantine in a hotel on your return  


If we need to cancel your holiday for any of these reasons, we will contact you. We’ll work through bookings in departure date order to proactively contact you as soon as we can.

Most of the destinations that we are offering are currently on the amber list.
It is expected that many of these such as Italy will be on the “Green” list at either the next review or the following one.

Green List…if your holiday is on the Green list then it is likely that it will go ahead.
We will try and give you as much notice as possible but at the very latest 3 weeks prior to departure. 

Amber List…. If it is still amber 3 weeks prior to departure or it changes from green to amber in the 3 weeks prior to travel, then we will allow you to transfer to a later date or another holiday with the same airline.
We won’t charge an admin or change fee.  You just pay any difference in the cost of the holiday. If you choose a later date, then we will try wherever possible to keep the price the same. (we are one of the few companies who have offered this)

Red List …..If your holiday is on the red list a min of 6 weeks prior to departure or changes from amber to red in the 6 weeks prior to departure, then we will offer you a full refund or a change of holiday.

Please note that despite any changes to the traffic light system, we will not travel anywhere where the Foreign Office advises against all but essential travel at the time of travel and again you will be offered a full refund or to transfer to a later date or to another holiday.

TESTING… We currently have been offered government approved PCR testing at £44.90 from one company and £60 from another.  If you are interested in details please contact us. We are expecting more companies to bring down their pricing.  It is not yet known whether the UK and other countries will accept the free lateral flow tests. Many European countries are offering these tests for as little as £10 and PCR test for as little as £25.
The government will be doing a review of the testing to enter the UK on 27 June.

Many countries are opening up to fully vaccinated tourists without the need then for quarantine or tests.
In the latest update published this week, it was confirmed that the NHS app would be used in England, so that from 17th May, people who have had a full vaccine course (2 doses), will be able to demonstrate their Covid-19 vaccination status for outbound international travel.
Again, this way of proving the vaccination status is applicable to our country - other countries or territories determine their own border health rules, which may include Covid-19 vaccination status.
The latest entry requirements to different countries can be found on the FCDO website:
You can download the app by clicking please download the NHS app by following this link:

For anyone booked on any of our F1 packages, there is still no news on whether the circuits will allow fans and if they do, whether they will have restrictions.
As soon as we have any updates, then we will contact you directly.
Unless foreign office advice or circuit restrictions change at the last minute , then we will make the decision on whether to go ahead with the holiday a minimum of 4 weeks ahead of departure. We will make the decision based on the “expected” restrictions at the time of departure.  
Austria and Hungary…If you prefer to transfer to 2022 prior to any announcements being made, please contact us ASAP (by the end of May at the latest).  We will allow you to transfer at the price you have paid in 2020/2021.  (again very few companies are allowing this)

If you have a holiday booked with us which is due to depart prior to 31 July which is on the green or amber list then we will give the opportunity to transfer to another holiday without an admin fee. This

BALANCES:  It is important that you pay your balances when or your booking will be treated as cancelled and normal terms and conditions will apply.

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